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How I Created my Sunflower Applique Wall Hanging
Read about my inspiration for my Sunflower Applique Wall Hanging.
My Quilting Journey
March is National Quilting Month which is an extended celebration of National Quilting Day, which this year is on Saturday March 16th. My own quilting journey started around 2012.
Our First Craft Fair For Many Years!
This weekend Hazel and I had a stall at a Christmas Market in Fareham, the first one we have attended for many years. It was held in the sports hall at Fareham Leisure Centre so not the most appealing venue!
YouTube, Resin and Polymer Clay
Recently I have been dabbling in a couple of new crafts, well new to me! I have two craft fairs coming up very soon and as it is getting closer to Christmas I have been thinking of sewing gifts I could offer for sale.
My Top Five Unusual Sewing Tools
Hazel and I recently got together to record a Podcast, Our Top 10 Unusual Sewing Tools, and we thought we would show our 5 unusual sewing tools in a blog post. Here are mine!